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Staten Island After Sandy


Two years ago today, Hurricane Sandy hit Staten Island and numerous other areas very hard. This was the blog post I wrote after visiting Staten Island later that week. It was such a blessing to meet so many great folks out there. Continued prayers for those who are still recovering from the storm.

Originally posted on Brian's Blog:

Hurricane Sandy ripped through Staten Island, New York in the same manner a prizefighter handles business in the ring – throwing punch after punch, looking to knock down what’s in front of him, and doing so with no remorse.

Staten Island was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy but as I found out the past two days, the people who live there are not letting the destruction or the hardship break their spirit.

I visited the Arrochar neighborhood of Staten Island. It’s located near the water, on the northeast side of the borough. The sounds of generators could be heard everywhere as people tried to pump water from their houses and salvage what they could. Piles of belongings and memories stood outside countless numbers of houses. The smell of the sea was very strong, even after much of the water that had temporarily turned streets into rivers had receded. Darkness came…

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