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A Pathway Through the Wilderness

God Will Make a Way

Isaiah 43:19

‘For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.’

Fun with Fatherhood – Camping in the Cold


I had a great time with my boys (and my parents) last weekend, camping at Sangchris Lake State Park – on a day that was not exactly ‘comfortable’ to be outside, but one that was definitely a lot of fun.

My parents were nice enough to reserve the campsite in advance and set up camp there a few days beforehand, although as it turned out that wasn’t necessary because apparently no one else likes to camp in the cold! We liked it though. :)


The boys look forward to camping every year and I’d promised them I would take them this year. This just happened to be the weekend when it worked out.

It’s a great campsite, we had stayed at this specific one before. Views of the lake, a place to fish, and lots of trees. Conveniently the tarp underneath the tent my parents had set up also provided an abundant supply of worms for the fishing activities as it had rained during the time it was set up. Jackpot for the kids. My Mom thought it was pretty gross, though!


We got the fire going almost immediately. Logan is my little lumberjack, he was helping me chop wood and pull dead tree limbs out of the woods for the fire.


Meanwhile Carson got his tent set up…and moments after that proceeded directly inside said tent to relax and get warm for a while.

From there, we cooked hot dogs and sat around the fire for a bit, then set off on a nature hike. When you combine 30 mph wind gusts with an already chilly day and no wind break, it makes for some ‘interesting’ conditions for a hike!


The boys made the most of it though, making a homemade fishing pole out of a stick, string, and a hook that they found on the docks. Cool stuff!DSC_2324

My folks had seen enough of the cold, so it was me and the boys the remainder of the afternoon and evening. We explored some more, fished, tended the fire, took in a beautiful sunset, and shared stories. It was great. I love camping with them.DSC_2360

Temperatures were hovering around freezing at night. We managed to get some decent sleep – and no raccoons invaded our campsite either, so that was a nice bonus.

Got the fire going again in the morning, fished a little more, and then it was time to tear down the camp. It was a memorable experience, so glad we got to enjoy it together.


Positive Press

Positive Press 1

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Photo Fun

A few photos from the past few weeks.
There’s always something to see out there!

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